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Fantail Wallpaper - Green
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Fantail Wallpaper - Grey
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Fantail Wallpaper - Green
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Fantail Wallpaper - Blush
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Fantail Wallpaper - Green- Customers Photo

Fantail flight Wallpaper

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The Design:
This wallpaper honours the Fantail and his legend, with a hand carved lino-print design that’s been digitally reproduced.

Design by Nester and Twill

The Story:
Not big, but brave.

The Fantail flits erratically as he follows you through the native bush. His friendly ‘cheet, cheet’ call, the chorus of the wild New Zealand sound track.

In mythical times, he is said to have stood beside the owl and stared down the sea birds before they went into battle.  Overcome with passion, he spread out his fan, jumped from side to side, glaring and performed a war dance. .

But this bravery also got him into trouble with the gods. When Fantail refused to reveal when his ancestors had kept fire hidden, one grabbed him and squeezed so hard that his eyes nearly popped out of his head. That’s why today he has bulging eyes, a tail that sticks out far behind his body and flies so erratically .

The paper:
Each roll is 10 metres (L) x 52cm (W), made from high quality 147GSM, uncoated, non-woven paper, sourced from certifiably sustainable forests.

The printer:
We print with a UK-based printer because, quite simply, they are the best in the business. They have over 6 decades experience, state of the art equipment and produce wallpaper for some of the world's most exclusive brands.

The Ink:
Eco-friendly, water based ink, free from nasties like heavy metals.

Further Details:

Product Dimensions 10 metres x .52cm wide.

We custom print to order so please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

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