About Us

We are a wallpaper and mural design company from New Zealand, telling our stories on walls all around the world........

Our home is a handful of hills at the edge of the world - and we see things differently down here.

We're more pukeko than peacock.

We’re isolated, but well-travelled. Beautiful, but dangerous. Young, but visionary

If our walls could talk it would be of Fantails, Kingfishers, Kakariki, Nikau, Buzzy Bees and Manuka trees.

But we believe that walls shouldn’t talk – they should sing.

Pango and Ma. Because the world isn't black and white.


Why Pango and Ma?

Pango and Ma, translates simply to Black and White from Te Reo Māori (a beautiful language and an official language of New Zealand) and characterises our love of simple, clean, beautiful design inspired by New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Based in Nelson, and the top of the South Island, we design and produce modern wallpaper and mural designs that celebrate how we see things, from down here at the edge of the world.

New Zealand is home to an amazing array of talented artists with unique stories to tell and it’s our mission to see their work loved on walls around the world.

If you would like to contact us you can email us at info@theinside.co.nz and we will answer any questions you have.