Frequently Asked Questions

Q) So, what is Pango and Ma?

We are a small team, passionate about creating original, contemporary New Zealand designs. 

Q)What paper do you print on?

Our standard medium is high quality non-coated non-woven 147gsm paper, sourced from sustainable forestry.  But other options are available on request

Q) How do they fix on the wall?

Paste the wall.  

Q) Can I install them myself?

We recommend using an experienced hanger.  It's not rocket science, and if you've hung wallpaper before you'd probably be fine.  But the way we look at it is, you're buying a premium, excellent quality product and you want it to look perfect on your wall.  So if you're not confident, enlist help from a professional

Q) Can I change the colours?

Sure.  Our our designs are customisable to match your colour scheme.  Contact us to discuss your plan..

Q) How long does it take?

Usually less than three weeks. We will process your order within 1 business day following payment. Any customisation or design work will be made generally within two business days.  Courier services take between 48 hours and up to 14 days depending on destination and time of year

Q) What about Shipping?

Your mural's purchase price includes free world-wide shipping with a tracked courier service (Usually DHL or UPS)

Q) Any details I should know about the orders, returns etc?

Yeah, check out our T’s & C’s page for important information on your order.