Our Artists

Our artists are an amazing bunch! New Zealand loving and living, their designs reflect their passion. As we grow we hope our artists base does too. 

Twill + Nester

Esther Remnant, aka Nester, is crazy about the wild side of New Zealand.  Our creatures and landscapes inspire her as she strives to reveal the quirky character behind the familiar.  She is a skilled print maker who works in a variety of mediums, including dry point etching, lino carving and relief print work (and is the proud owner of a stunning vintage 1903 table top press from Johnny Mulvay).

Karuna Peralta, aka Twill, is an accomplished pattern designer and weaver of exquisite fabrics.  She has worked for range of prestigious European design houses before turning freelance and establishing a studio in New Zealand. Her work focuses on traditional techniques, quality natural materials and vibrant colour combinations inspired by her surroundings, experiences and research findings.


Reclusive digital and watercolour artist H.O.M is responsible for our massive Manuka print, Kingfisher and Lino Disco Floor. I find beauty in everyday objects and often strive to illustrate the old fashioned with the modern - hense my love of digital as a drawing medium. Based in Nelson, H.O.M describes herself as an old fashioned gal with a modern twist.

Yael Pochon

Swiss born, New Zealand based - Yael Pochon is a recent N.M.I.T graduate in the arts and media programme. Highly talented she brings to our New Zealand art table her interest in plankton as an art form.


Erin Jensen

Erin Jensen is the face behind Nordic Eclectic.
She is a graphic designer from New Lynn, Auckland. Her design style is bright and quirky taking inspiration from wallpaper designs from the 1920s-1970s. She is inspired by retro influences and nature, especially New Zealand birds.
Erin sells her artworks at markets such as the Coatesville Market and the General Collective Market Day. The artworks are digitally printed on wood using two layers of specialised digital ink. Then sanded and varnished in her studio.